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The fun of competition is one of the unique qualities of scavenger hunts, along with exploring and discovering new places with friends or colleagues. It’s a perfect way to bond members of a team (be it corporate, scholastic, sports, etc.). Prizes need not be elaborate or expensive. A popular prize is a miniature replica of an NYC yellow taxi cab (with moving wheels and doors that open and close), one for each winning team member.

Fulton Center Oculus
The Oculus

How it Works

A. Participants are divided into teams and armed with public transportation passes, maps, clue lists, explicit traveling directions, and an emergency cell phone number (manned by a Unique NY Tours staff member). The teams are sent off in different directions in historic downtown Manhattan to find an object and to answer NYC-related questions. The quest can only be completed by visiting downtown NYC’s major sightseeing locations and attractions. Bathroom locations, snack stops, and photo opportunities are included in the clue list/travel direction folders. B. The first team that returns to the designated finish location at the specified time and with the most correctly answered questions and found object is the winner. Its members receive NYC-related prizes. Organizers also have the option of embellishing prizes — adding certificates, cash awards, savings bonds, etc. C. The fee for our Unique NY Tours Downtown Scavenger Hunt Tour is $50 per person (includes meal). For self-contained groups, the fee lowers based on the number of people in the group. The Unique NY Downtown Scavenger Hunt Tour is a 2-hour walking tour during the hours from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm*. It covers all the major landmarks and famous areas of Lower Manhattan. The tour is suitable for ages 12 and up, with tour members safely traveling in groups. *Self-contained Groups of 15 or more can request specific Hunt start times.
Scavenger Hunt Group
As guests of the Trevor Day School, located just off Central Park West, the students especially loved the opportunity to successfully navigate the city with limited English and, in the case of two of the five teams, without adult supervision. “Most Exciting. We put all our energy into it!”
Miléva Pierre Nicolas and Marie Xavier (Winning Team Members)
“This experience was very instructive and very interesting…It permitted us to explore New York from several points of view.”
Marilys Villacampa, Sarah Kocis, Stephanie Claverie, and Carole Amoros