A visit to New York City can be a fascinating, entertaining week that's over far too quickly, or a boring, lonely weekend that lasts forever. The difference is in what you do
and who is with you.

UNIQUE NY TOURS offers one-of-a-kind private walking and vehicular tours of the myriad sites and interests in New York City. Our tours are tailored for single individuals as well as for large groups. Our sightseeing jaunts can include visits to NY City's usual must-see places such as landmarks, museums, Central Park, and famous districts, or they can be as individualized as a tour of the art galleries in SoHo, or a visit to all the professional modern dance classes in Manhattan. Night Life? Real Estate?

You tell us your interests, we create your tour.

UNIQUE NY TOURS services can be as minimal as simply providing a tour guide and an itinerary, or as comprehensive as arranging airport transfers, hotel and restaurant reservations, theater tickets, shopping in SoHo, appointments at the hairdresser's, and a tennis partner. Our clients have also called upon us to book venues for special events. We've provided unique ideas, staff and decorations for occasions ranging from international competitions to teenage birthday parties.

We would love to be of service to you too.

Tours for the solo traveler, couples, or groups of up to 50 or more.

View our Blog Posts at http://unique-ny-tours.com for updates on goings-on in NYC plus NYC-Did You Know??

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